Wideye Sabre 1 Portable BGAN Terminal

Wideye Sabre 1 Portable BGAN Terminal
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Product Description

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The SABRE I , voice and data, single-user device, combines a robust, compact design with performance and optimal flexibility. It is equipped with a range of common interfaces, providing connectivity options in the field and the swivelled antenna facilitates rapid and easy pointing for a satellite connection. Combined with its sub-laptop size, the terminal is ideal for single users who need to set up a complete broadband mobile office in frequently changing locations.

SIZE: 259 x 195mm (1.6kgs)


Remote access high-speed access to your corporate network, as well as company and customer information

Internet access access the internet at speeds up to 384kbps

Email send and receive email via the internet or email applications

Telephony make phone calls at the same time as accessing data applications

Streaming select guaranteed quality of service up to 64kbps on demand for video, audio

File transfer send and receive large files

Store and forward save and send files & video.

Key benefits:

Ultimate portability at around half the size of a normal laptop, it is one of the smallest and lightest BGAN terminals.

Simultaneous voice and broadband data. Access your data applications and make a phone call at the same time using the SABRE I.

Highly flexible. The terminal can be connected to a laptop via the Ethernet port or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Near global coverage. Provides service anywhere within the BGAN coverage area.

Easy to use. You can easily access the service using the intuitive icon-based BGAN LaunchPad on your laptop.

Robust. The strong casing means the SABRE I can withstand the toughest of environments.

Secure. Connect seamlessly via your preferred VPN application.


PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Weight < 1.65kg (3.63lb), Dimensions Length: 259mm (10.20in), Width: 195mm (7.67in), Depth: 58mm (2.28in) <<>> INTERFACES: RJ-45 Ethernet port, RJ-11 phone port, Bluetooth <<>> SUPPORTED PROFILES: Cordless handset, Headset, Serial port <<>> USER ACCESS: Via activated Inarsat BGAN 3G compatible SIM card <<>> USER INTERFACES: PC BGAN LaunchPad, Built-in web interface, On terminal Audio and LCD pointing aids <<>> POWER: DC input 15 20 VDC (power adapter and car charger), Power adapter: Input 100 240 VAC, 47 63Hz, Output 15 VCD <<>> BATTERY TYPE: Lithium-ion. Rechargeable <<>> TYPICAL USE: Transmit time: 1 hr continuous transmission at data rate <= 72kbps, Receive: 3 hrs when receiving only, Stand-by time: 36 hrs <<>> TOLERANCES: Operating temperature -20C to +70C (-4F to +140F), Charging temperature 0C to +45C (+32F to +113F), Operating humidity 95% non-condensing at +40C (+104F), Storage humidity 5% to 95% (Relative humidity) <<>> WATER and DUST: IP 54 (dust and spray proof in all directions) <<>> SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS 10.1 and above, Redhat 9.0 and above <<>> DATA CAPABILITIES: IP data: Standard IP Background class of service, Send: Up to 240kbps over a shared channel, Receive: Up to 384kbps over a shared channel, Streaming IP Guaranteed quality of service Send: 32, 64kbps, Receive: 32, 64kbps <<>> SMS: 640 characters via web interface <<>> VOICE CAPABILITIES: Voice 4kbps, Supplementary Voicemail <<>> SERVICES: Call forwarding, Call barring, Call waiting, Call holding

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