Watershed Ocoee Waterproof Drybag - (900 cubic inches) (black, yellow, foliage)

Watershed Ocoee Waterproof Drybag - (900 cubic inches) (black, yellow, foliage)
Item# Dryb-Ocoee

Product Description

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A cross between a dry bag and a duffel, this small-sized waterproof bag opens wide making it super easy to load and unload.

* ZipDry closure resembles a heavy-duty freezer bag zipper forming a watertight seal that protects your belongings even when submerged

* All seams are radio-frequency welded for superb longevity and complete waterproofness

* Once sealed, top rolls down and attaches to duffel sides via side-release buckle closures

* Flexible polyurethane-coated fabric resists degradation from UV rays and chemicals, so dry bag holds up to many years of service

* Two-piece, nylon webbing carry handle allows easy conveyance to and from the water; compression straps

* Hard lash points at ends and sides of duffel allow convenient attachment of duffel to boat decks, car tops, bike trailers etc.

* Includes small packet of 303 Aerospace Protectant® for UV protection and lubrication of ZipDry closure

* Volume: 900 cubic in, 14.7 liters

* Dimensions: 17" x 8"