Sky Connect Marine Iridium Satellite Phone / Data Kit w/ Tracking

Sky Connect Marine Iridium Satellite Phone / Data Kit  w/ Tracking
Item# Skyc-MarineTracker-Kit

Product Description

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Sky Connect MARINE provides telephony and data services for maritime applications worldwide. For maritime safety with automatic location reporting, Sky Connect TRACKER is built into the MARINE transceiver, meeting International Maritime Organization requirements for SSAS (Ship Security Alert Systems) implementation. TRACKER also meets the long range tracking requirements.

Voice and Data Services with Sky Connect MARINE Sky Connect MARINE's RJ- 11 interface supports up to five standard wired or cordless telephones. Users will hear an Iridium "dial tone" indicating that any telephone number in the world can now be direct dialed. The RJ-11 connector may also be connected to PBX systems permitting access to the Iridium network from any PBX phone. With ganged MARINE systems, multiple Iridium phone numbers can be connected into a PBX system. Dimensions are 10.5 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches.

MARINE is equipped with a serial data port that is compatible with any computer. This cable may be extended up to 15 meters from the unit using RS-232 signaling or up to 1000 meters using an optional RS-422 adapter at each end.

SIM Card and PIN Options A standard SIM card is securely locked within the transceiver unit. An optional external SIM card reader can be installed as part of the handset hang-up cup or as a standalone device. Iridium PIN security features can be operated using telephone keypad commands.

Iridium Transceiver Antenna Sky Connect MARINE is coupled with a high gain helix antenna. This antenna's profile assures excellent visibility of the Iridium network satellites and is designed with a waterproof housing with a threaded base for easy installation. Standard installations can use up to a ten-meter terminated cable to connect the antenna to the MARINE transceiver.

Position Reporting with Sky Connect TRACKER and SSAS Using the Iridium short-burst-messaging service, Sky Connect TRACKER adds real-time automated vessel location and status reporting functionality to the MARINE platform. Based on GPS, encrypted TRACKER reports can include position reporting data such as ship's identifier, location coordinates, course, and speed. The SSAS feature supports two activation switches, a test switch, and a reset switch. All SSAS features are configurable via e-mail from shore.

Standard reporting rates are determined by fleet requirements. The rate can be changed automatically (e.g. increased after an emergency activation) or manually, by the crew on-board or remotely by the ship's corporate office or control center. The system is pollable from remote locations.

Once received over the Iridium network, TRACKER reports are delivered via secure Internet or similar data channels to any authorized offices, ports, or dispatch centers. A fleet's composite data can even be delivered back to the individual ships for complete operational awareness. Position and course information can be derived from ship-board navigation equipment or these can be determined with TRACKER's built-in 12-channel GPS receiver. The internal GPS unit requires a GPS antenna mounted with a clear view of the sky.