Sky Connect Indoors Iridium Satellite Phone / Data Kit

Sky Connect Indoors Iridium Satellite Phone / Data Kit
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Sky Connect Indoors Iridium Satellite Phone / Data Kit
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Sky Connect MOBILE systems offers a simple, lightweight, one box solution with full global tracking, voice and data service equipped for both fixed base and in-vehicle installations. On the worlwide Iridium platform, get dial tone inside buildings (INDOORS), ships (MARINE), and vehicles (MOBILE), anywhere the end-user is protected from the elements. The Sky Connect transceiver utilizes a rugged outdoor antenna housed in a protected dome or other antennas as warranted by the type of installation.

The Sky Connect transceiver is equipped with a standard RJ-11 jack which may be connected to one or more standard two wire telephones or cordless phone base stations. These telephones provide the user an "Iridium dial tone" indicating that any telephone number in the world can now be dialed on the telephone instrument. The RJ-11 connection allows long cable runs to the phones (or base stations), permitting the transceiver to be located near the antenna for best performance. The RJ-11 connector may also be connected to a wide variety of PBXs. This permits access to the Iridium network from any telephone attached to the PBX. Incoming Iridium calls can also be routed through the PBX. Dimensions are 10.5 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches.

Antenna and Cable The Sky Connect platform is supplied with a high gain helix antenna terminated with a female TNC connector. This antenna is especially good when the satellites are at a low elevation angle and provides more consistent performance than small patch type antennas. The antenna is protected with a waterproof housing with a threaded base for installation on a metal or plastic pipe. A five meter terminated cable is also provided to connect the antenna to the INDOORS unit.

Power Supply The Sky Connect platform is supplied with a universal AC power supply that will function on any normal AC power outlet worldwide. This power supply connects to the Sky Connect platform unit using a supplied captive cable. The power supply requires an AC line cord with a country specific plug. The connector on the power supply is the standard 3-pin computer type. Approximately 20 watts is required.

The Sky Connect platform can also be powered from a source of DC in the range of 10-32 volts if the DC model is ordered. The DC powered model is suitable for land vehicles and marine vessels or terrestrial use on DC power such as a solar array. Approximately 1 A peak at 14 volts is required, 0.3 A standby.

Data Port The Sky Connect platform is equipped with a nine pin serial data port that is compatible with any Windows based computer. This cable may be extended up to 15 m from the unit using RS-232 signaling or up to 1000 m using an optional RS-422 adapter at each end. Once a data call has been initiated, the handset and RJ-11 ports are disabled for the duration of the call.

Diagnostic Lights The Sky Connect platform is equipped with several LED lights that show various device status conditions. They show signal strength, registration status, voice call status, data call status, off hook, and power supply status.

PIN Support Iridium PIN security features have been implemented with the Sky Connect platform by using telephone keypad commands. These commands allow the entry of a PIN, changing of a PIN, and enabling/disabling of a PIN.

Alternate Handset The Sky Connect platform is equipped with a connector that accommodates a rugged handset with an LCD display and the normal buttons to dial calls, access the stored numbers, control volume, etc. This handset is supplied with an optional hang-up cup that securely locks the handset in place. The Intelligent handset is an optional accessory - shown in inset photo.

This handset allows an arrangement called the "Captain's Priority". When the alternate handset is picked up it can immediately override any attached standard phone sets for making a priority or emergency call.

Remote Control of The Sky Connect platform The Sky Connect platform can be controlled by an external device such as a PC. The external device can make data calls, dial voice calls, and manage PINs. Icarus has an Interface Control Document that describes the available commands.