Beam IsatDock DRIVE

Beam IsatDock DRIVE
Item# ISPP-Beam-IsatDock-DRIVE

Product Description

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PLEASE NOTE: External antenna and antenna cable sold separately and are required.

KEY FEATURES DESIGN • Slimline design • High quality ABS plastic • Single action insertion mechanism • Insertion guides • Single button release • Key lockable • RAM universal mounting bracket • Integrated cable assemblies • Robust GSPS/GPS antenna connection • Accessible control buttons • Compact external speaker and microphone POWER • 9 – 32V DC Input • 110/240V AC Plug pack Optional BUTTONS ON DOCK • Ringer volume up/down • In-call volume up/down • In-call mute • Track button • Alert 2 button press INTEGRATED HANDS FREE • Superior echo cancellation • Full duplex • Line in/out for integrated solutions • Supports privacy handset, optional ALERT & TRACKING FUNCTIONALITY • Dedicated GPS receiver • Tracking messages sent via SMS, SMS to email Upon button press Present periodic internal ID/Lat/Long/Speed/Dir • Alert Messages Upon 2 button press on dock External input “man down” or button OTHER KEY FEATURES • USB data • Phone charging • Horn alert/light integration • Compact installation • Privacy handset auto answer/hang up (optional)

IsatPhone Pro handset shown in dock is NOT included and must be ordered separately.