Iridium Satellite 9601 Short Burst Data (SBD) Unit

Iridium Satellite 9601 Short Burst Data (SBD) Unit
Item# Irid-9601-SBD

Product Description

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The 9601 is ideal for global tracking and monitoring. Any device can be integrated across Iridium's worlwide network using this low-cost and lightweight satellite modem.

Small satellite modem designed for embedded applications. Easily integrates into a wide variety of applications that require remote access. Ideal for monitoring, alarms, and tracking. Includes RS 232 serial inteface and optional developer kit. Low latency for delivery. Available to registered Iridium partners.

* Small form factor

* RS 232 Serial interface

* Global coverage

* 340 bytes per message

* SMA Antenna Connector to connect to small omni directional L-band antennas

* Simple AT Command interface

* Length: 106.4mm

* Width: 56.2mm

* Height: 13mm

* Weight: 117g

* Operating temperature range: -30 C to +60 C