Portable Power! Brunton Solo (TM) 7.5

Portable Power! Brunton Solo (TM) 7.5
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Product Description

Providing power wherever and whenever, the new Solo™ can operate a variety of electronics such as laptops, TVs, air-pumps, cell phones for hours with the potential for nearly unlimited power capacity. The unit is easily recharged when plugged into a household outlet, vehicle DC outlet or by using Brunton's solar panels. But the true genius of the SOLO™ could well be its light weight. Because when you consider everything this Brunton invention can do for you, it just might be the smartest 4 pounds you'll ever own!

Inverter Included Peak Power = 77 Watts, Nominal Power = 39 Watts, Total Power = 72 Watt Hours Storage: 5 WPH Max Output: 14.6 Volts Max Power: 77 Watts Household AC and Vehicle DC Multi-output cord included Conforms with FCC Standards