500 Global Minutes - Iridium Satellite Phone Service - PREPAID SIM Card

500 Global Minutes - Iridium Satellite Phone Service - PREPAID SIM Card
Item# 500-minute-iridium

Product Description

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Valid for one year from date of activation. Minutes rollover if more minutes or extensions are added prior to expiration.

CALL TYPE & MINUTES (or fraction/multiple of minutes) DEDUCTED PER TYPE OF CALL:

1 - Iridium phone to Landline Voice

1/2 - Iridium phone to Iridium phone Voice

FREE - Landline to Iridium phone Direct Dial (Landline Caller pays through their long distance carrier)

1 - Landline to Iridium phone two-stage dialing (caller using USA access number - +1 480-768-2500

1 - Iridium phone to Direct Internet Data (web/email)

1/3 - Iridium phone-originated SMS

FREE - Incoming SMS

1/2 - Iridium phone to Voicemail box

1 - Iridium phone to Landline Data

1 - Iridium phone to Iridium phone Data

9 - Iridium phone to other Satellite Network Voice/Data (Inmarsat, Thuraya, ACeS)

NOTES: 1. All calls are billed in 20 second increments. 2. Adding minutes to a plan extends expiration date according to original voucher expiration date (minutes roll over). 3. All plans must be reloaded within 90 days after all minutes are used or within 90 days after expiration date. 4. Lost or damaged SIM cards can have unused minutes transferred to a new SIM card ($125 fee). 5. Prices do not include any applicable taxes. 6. 30-Day voucher only extends the expiration date of an existing voucher. 7. 50-minutevoucher is a top-up voucher that may only be added to an existing 5000, 3000, 500 or 75 unit voucher. It is not a stand-alone voucher. 8. 75-minute voucher minutes are valid for 30 days from activation date. 9. 500-minute vouchers are valid for 12 months from activation date. 10. 3,000 and 5,000 minute plans the minutes are valid for 24 months from activation date.